We tackle hard problems that can only be solved with bright minds and a diversity of thinking.


Product Manager with Russia Expertise, Full-Time, Remote

Thresher is young and thriving startup based out of Washington DC. Team members operate as a fully-remote team out of DC, LA, and Boston, with new cities added with new colleague locations. Our team is bright, clever, dedicated, and hungry. Join us to work in diverse and world-class data science, social science, engineering, international, and life experience, and to work on challenging technical problems in the government and commercial sectors.

Thresher helps organizations find high-value signal hidden in the noisy world of human-generated text data.  We specialize in curating better data by identifying content that is hidden from standard search approaches or at risk for removal. Better data leads to better analysis, and better analysis leads to better decisions. Thresher is the result of a collaboration between a team of data scientists from Harvard and a former intelligence officer who understands the needs of experts conducting high stakes analysis.

We're seeking a Product Manager with Russia experience, including language, to provide subject matter expertise to a team of data scientists and software engineers to develop a software application.


● Work closely with software developers and data scientists to design, test and deploy Russian-language applications.
● Work closely with the company’s executive team to use customer input to shape the software development process.
● Track, summarize and analyze news events detected by software in deployment.
● Serve as the team’s resident experts on Russian media and current events.


● Good Russian language skills. (3+ on language test.) You will be spending time with online content in Russian.
● Has an interest in following Russian current events
● Analytical thinker and succinct writer 
● Has demonstrated the ability to solve problems 
● Has created something
● Can collaborate on a diverse team 
● Takes initiative 
● Likes learning new things 
● Nurtures solid relationships with clients


We would be excited if you have some experience managing product, but if not don’t worry. We can guide you through that process if you are willing to learn. Some general experience managing a project of any kind can serve as a good base. Compensation is competitive and includes full benefits. We are open to part-time and/or flexible work arrangements, including working remotely. This position requires that applicant selected be a U.S. citizen.

This is a great opportunity to join a startup, collaborate on a team with diverse data and social science experience, and work on challenging technical problems in the national security space with dual applications in the commercial sector. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin.


Please send to your CV and a succinct cover letter that:

● Tells your story. We have your CV but we would like to hear about your path in a more story-like way.
● Describes a tough problem you solved. What was the problem? How did you come to the solution? What did you learn in the process?
● Explains why you are interested in Thresher.

If you have a Linkedin, Github or way to share any of your work, we welcome links to those.